Friday, February 5, 2016

An Unscheduled Getaway

Have you ever wished that you could just get away?  Just imagine all that you could accomplish.  lol  Well.....I had my chance this week for an unscheduled getaway.

Last week was our annual family trip to the Sierras.  We always love watching the little ones enjoying the snow and this was no exception.  We were scheduled to come home on Sunday.  The big storm, Kayla, hit on Saturday, dumping feet of snow where we were.  It was beautiful, but when we went to get in the car we discovered that we had a ruptured brake line.  ;-(  The rest of the gang headed home while we were towed down the mountain for repairs.  Parts had to be ordered so we got a hotel.  After two days, more parts were needed that also had to be ordered.  Meanwhile, we were holed up in a hotel room and I was thankful that I had thought to grab my iPad and cross stitching from the vehicle before leaving it.  It was a long couple of days with temps in the teens, snow and ice everywhere and NO transportation.  But....that was earlier this week!  Life is now good again and we are home and back to the crazy and wonderful normal routine.

This was the view looking out of the hotel window.  Those chairs by the creek look a bit chilly to me.

Along the sewing front....I am participating in several bees this year.  One that I am really enjoying is the Spelling Bee.  These are my blocks for this month.  These should make a super cute quilt with all of the bugs.

The next bee is the Mid-Century Modern Bee.  I love that you have to be Mid century or above to belong.  These blocks are for Cindy.  These little books  (#booksforbabyquilt) are really fun.

There is a great new monthly series going on in blogland.  Soma of Whims and Fancies is doing a camera series.  Her photos are amazing and she is sharing some tips with us and allowing us to link up some of our photos as well.  Be sure to check it out.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Bits and Pieces

Sewing time here has been in bits and pieces as have the results.  We've had so many sick little ones around us with high fevers, strep throats, nasty coughs and all else.  I feel like germs are hiding on everything I touch.  I think my sewing space is the only "germ free" zone around here - only because the little ones seldom venture in there.  lol

Having completed all of the blocks needed for Allietare, I was able to find a space big enough to lay them out.

I always like to photograph them before sewing as the pictures seem to pick up any errors made.  Sure enough, right in the top row I had stitched a little four patch in upside down.  It is now fixed and ready to sew together.

See that little oops???
I must say that I am not really a "blue" type of person.  This month the Block Lotto was Birds in the Air using blues and purples.  I made some to donate, but I have been looking at them on my design wall for the last few weeks, liking the way they looked and decided to make a few more to enter into the draw.

Then.....there were the cute little reindeer in Quilt Doodles BOM for 2016.  I don't think I want to make the whole quilt, but I thought a nice long sofa pillow would be fun with these blocks.

He'll be much cuter with eyes and nose.

Lastly, I managed to get my mini top quilted and bound.  I quilted it with a pantograph in a very pale pink.  This is for our monthly Minis and More projects.


So.....that is what I have been up to this past week.  How about you?

Monday, January 18, 2016

New Year's Journey

After the hectic holidays we decided to slip away for a few days of quiet and relaxation.  DH booked a winter trip to Chicago via Amtrak.  I must admit that I was a bit concerned about a snow disaster heading into Chicago in January, but it was a delightful trip.  

We flew up to Oakland to take the California Zephyr out of Emeryville.  We've done that trip several times as it passes through both the Sierras and the Rockies.  The scenery was spectacular with all of the snow this year.

View of San Francisco on departure.

Icy Mississippi

Frozen waterfalls.

Tracks in the snow everywhere.  We saw several large herds of elk and antelope.

I always love the sight of the train around the curves.

Majestic sunsets.

Nightlights of the city.

The beautiful lobby of the Palmer House in Chicago.

The Peacock doors in the entrance of the hotel.
We flew home on Friday and I enjoyed some fun sewing over the weekend in between laundry loads.  I have completed the block assembly for Allietare.

Beth's Neighborhood Block Party continues with Irene and Ida picking it up this year.  It has always been such a fun event and I knew that I wanted to participate again this year.  This is my block for the party.

There is still time to sign up to join.  Just go here and join the fun.

Now.....I am off to see what button I clicked on my camera to get the date stamp added.....hmmm.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Good Washing

We've had two delightful days of heavy rains and I cannot tell you how beautiful everything looks today.  Trees and plants that have not seen a good washing in months are simply sparkling.  The mountains surrounding us are covered with snow as it was a cold storm.  The dry riverbed has flowing water in it - such a wonderful sight.  I hope this is our start of El Nino that they have been promising.

Of course, a rainy day means you should stay home ;-) and sew....right?  Other than a couple of power outages, it was a fun day to sit tight and listen to the rain coming down.  This was the first time I have been able to get into my creative space this year so I made the most of it.

I wasn't able to work on the December mini for the Minis and More event so I was excited to get into January's project.  This month it is Sherri McConnell's Hope Chest Mini.  I have mine to the flimsy stage so far.

This year I have become a member of the MCM - Mid Century Modern - bee.  This is such a fun group of super talented women and this month we made blocks for Elizabeth.  The blocks are from an upcoming pattern that she has designed so I cannot show a picture of the full block, but it is going to make a spectacular quilt.  I can't wait to see them all together.

Another bee that I am in this year is the Spelling Bee Quilts (IG #spellingbeequilt).  I've always enjoyed seeing the word quilts and these are my first word blocks.  Again....these go to Elizabeth.  She is going to have her work cut out for her getting two quilts done, but if anyone can do it, she can.  She has a beautiful saying that she has chosen and I am sure it will make a spectacular l-o-v-e quilt.

I've been pruning roses so my hours have been busy with gardening as well.  I think this poor iris is a bit confused as to the proper season, but it was surely pretty.

Happy New Year to all.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Farewell to 2015 it really the end of the year?  It's time for all of those New Years resolutions.....NOT!  I learned long ago to not do those.

The last few weeks have quickly slipped away, but not before leaving us with a lot of fabulous memories.  It was a great Christmas here.  Everyone was well and able to be here for Christmas eve.  There was lots of laughter, food and chaos with such a large crowd, but it was grand.

The days leading up to Christmas are always so busy, but we were able to take an evening and drive to San Simeon to visit the Hearst Castle all decorated for Christmas.  It was a great evening with period participants strolling about.  The photos are a wee bit dark due to the museum lighting, but I hope you can imagine some of the beauty.

This is the size of dining room table that I need!

Indoor pool

Gold tiles around the pool
With company and entertaining happening here I haven't had much time to slip away for sewing.  In between cleaning up this week I was able to work a bit on the Allietare Mystery quilt.  I really love the colors of this project so I am looking forward to seeing it come together.

While everyplace else seems to be having exceptionally warm winter weather, we have had some really chilly temperatures.  I would hate to count the number of times I have had to go out and cover my tropical plants this month.  Brr.  I'm just glad that I don't have to be marching in the Rose Parade Friday morning!!  ;-)

One last photo.....of the newest member to our daughter's family.....Lady.

As I sign off I want to wish everyone a beautiful 2016.  Thank you so much for following me throughout the year, leaving comments and keeping in touch.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

It's Getting Closer

As with everyone around this time of the year, we have been busy with Christmas approaching.  With three big dinners behind me, most of the shopping finished, Christmas projects completed and most gifts wrapped up, I feel as though I can breathe a bit easier now.  Christmas cards will be the task this week.

It has been awhile since I last blogged - or even followed blogs.  The stomach bug hit many of the little ones this past week, but it is nice to have that finished before Christmas.  I always feel so sorry for sick little ones on such a special day.

I finished the Christmas stocking for the newest grandbaby.

I'm sure she will appreciate it more as she gets older.  Right now the tree is more interesting.

There have been some wonderful bag tutorials being shown over at Elm Street Quilts the last few weeks.  I have always wanted to do one of the box bags.  I just love how this turned out and it was remarkably easy to do......all scraps from the bin.

We were lucky enough to have everyone home and healthy for our Thanksgiving celebration this year.

I'm sure that many of you are sewing along with Bonnie Hunter in her Allietare mystery.  Although I have not had much of a chance to keep up - yet, I have completed my 4-patch blocks for this week.  I will get the last two weeks done soon, I hope.

My lovely postcard from our Christmas Postcard Swap arrived from Fiona in Australia.  I always love seeing little pieces of art arrive from across the miles.  Fiona did such a beautiful job and I have added it to my small postcard display.

I hope to be around a bit more now that things are settled down a bit here.

Linking up with Sue and Bonnie.