Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Madness

Monday mornings with construction in the house is always madness.  The weekends are always so peaceful and then the noise and activity starts for another week.  Another couple of weeks (I think) and I should be able to spend my time cleaning every nook and crevice. 

While I continue to dig up the “oldies” in my sewing haven, I did have fun with a new project this week.  I had a charm pack of Market Road by Windham and loved the colors.  I decided to make a few flying geese and then just started building on them until I got a nice size for the table.  It is 16”x40”. 

August 2015 043

I used the rest of the charms for the back.

August 2015 046

Now for the oldies……another table runner that I finally quilted and bound.

August 2015 029

Remember the fusible grid Happy Jack from my last post?  I finished him AND make another one just like him as a gift.  I really like the way these turned out.

August 2015 016

The little ones have all headed back to school for the upcoming year, but we had fun celebrating the end of summer.  Little says summer like watermelon.

August 2015 026

Why is it that little girls love to dress up?????

August 2015 037

When Benartex had their Christmas in July Blog Hop I was the lucky winner of one of their bundles from My Fabric Relish.  Included in the bundle were two great patterns from Cherry Blossoms Quilting.  I have made several of Cherry’s patterns and they have become some of my favorite projects to display at Christmas.  I’m thinking that this darling Christmas tree skirt might need to be the next addition.  Be sure to check out Cherry’s fantastic designs as they will also become some of your favorites. 

August 2015 010

Do you have a fetish for pincushions?  I have way more than I actually use, but they are so addictive.  If you love them as much as I do, please link your pincushion love up at the My Sister Made Me Do It linky party.  It starts on September 2nd and runs through September 9th.


Friday, August 21, 2015

Digging Up the Oldies

Whilst trying to stay out of the way of workmen, I have been spending a lot of time in my secret (and quiet) space.  I’ve been having fun pulling out some of my older projects to finish off. 

I found this cute pattern, Happy Jack, about five years ago.  Each year I say I am going to make it!  Well….it is now underway.


I have always loved Halloween and have been invited to participate in the Halloween Haunts 2015 Blog Hop so I really want to finish this happy fellow off to share.  Have you done any of these projects using the fusible grids?  I love my Santa and snowman that I have done using this technique.

I also pulled out my Little Letters that was a QAL with Temecula Quilt Company.  I needed to finish my last row of letters and get it quilted and bound.   The colors look a bit washed out here, but the letters are more distinguished looking.


Since the colors were kind of marine-ish looking, I chose to piece the back with a whimsical sea scene.


It’s been a busy week with family birthdays and farewell parties for college bound grandchildren.  Tuesday evening we spent at the Hollywood Bowl.  It is such a beautiful place to spend a summer evening.

Hollywood Bowl 1
Sorry for the fuzzy cell phone picture.

The big screen was there because they showed the film 2001- A Space Oddessy while the L.A. Philharmonic played the music.  The music was incredible, but the film was rather strange - in my humble opinion. 

The  weekend is here and I am looking forward to the quiet in the house.  The remainder of the grands return to school next week so I guess that means it really is the end of the summer.  How quickly it went this year!  I’m already missing the extra daylight, but I am looking forward to the winter rains they are forecasting for us.   We just need to finish getting prepared for it – tree trimming, roof checked, drains cleared, etc.  Maybe I should get sandbags!!!  Of course, if we are all ready you know it won’t happen.  Winking smile

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Anything But Square

For years I have had a bag of fabric scraps that came from my paternal grandmother’s home.  In the bag was also a pieced top.  I would assume that it was pieced by my grandmother, but of that I am not certain.  I always thought that I would eventually hand quilt it.  With all of the boxing up of things around here for the remodel, the top popped up once again.  I looked closely at it and came to the realization that hand quilting it would probably not be the best bet for it.  It is anything but square – anywhere!  The fabrics appear to be feedsack fabrics.  So….on second thought, I figured I could hide some of those flaws with an overall panto quilting design. 


The size is odd at 67x90.  I thought of taking it apart and making it square.  If I had more of the fabrics, I would have added one more row to its width.  In the end, I left it as it was and I must say that it turned out pretty well all things considered.  It was an interesting way to construct this star.  Nowadays we would do it as a nine patch, but this looks way more complicated with a center square.  There are several different blue fabrics used in the blocks.


There is even a “make-do” block.


The quilting design is a woven Baptist Fan.


Forth Worth Fabric Studios recently had a Christmas in July blog hop with some great patterns.  I thought the Kate Spain Christmas table topper would make a great project. 


It went together quickly and is about 34” square.  On this one I used a design that picked up the poinsettias in the pattern.


Sunday, August 9, 2015


I tell you….life is a bit chaotic with workmen all day, dust that is unbelievable and three solid days of jack hammering the concrete slab to move drains.  What happened to my normal life?  Meanwhile, I am trying to keep my distance while still being close enough to answer questions.  It is difficult to try to dig into a good project so I am mostly doing bits and pieces.
I have spent some time working on my Nativity cross stitch which, again, has been sadly neglected lately.



The cream border is finished and once I backstitch the kings I get to move over to the final section.  I’m not sure it will be done this year as I have to make Christmas stocking for the newest granddaughter. 

I thought I was done with my Minion beanies, but I got a request for four more.  How could I say “no”?  Two down and two more to go.


I played around with a small project – a pincushion.  It’s about 6 1/2” so it really is a good sized one.  I needed one for my flat head pins and this will work great.  The tutorial can be found here.


The week has been filled with family events too.  Our youngest granddaughter was baptized.


We headed up to Northern CA for a horse championship event for another granddaughter.  It was a national event with riders coming in from as far away as Alaska and New Hampshire WITH THEIR HORSES!!!  That is quite the journey.  This was a two day jumping event for her which always makes me nervous.



Finally….some pictures of the chaos around here.  We have moved from our bedroom as it is a little hard to sleep under plastic with a tub in the middle of the room.


Friday was the end of demolition so this week should bring some construction.  The bathroom looks pretty empty. 


I’ve enjoyed my Sunday with no workmen, but it will all change at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow.
All is good. Winking smile

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I have been relegated to my creative space which is not all bad news.  It’s really kind of nice because I am forced to use the time wisely.  Finishes are always rewarding and I was able to finish my flag quilt. 


In the end I chose an all over star and spiral design which I think turned out well.


I then finished it off with a navy blue and white striped binding.


The reason for my confinement is my shadow and this week’s charge……..


which wouldn’t be so bad except for this……..


--noise and terrible, obviously very mean workmen!!!!!!!  The sewing studio is nice and quiet as well as out of view of the mean men.   Oh, the joys of construction!

On the good side…we celebrated a second birthday this week and our oldest granddaughter baked the cutest cupcakes for the party.


Back to confinement.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Some Stitching

Although busy, the week has allowed me a bit od time in my sewing space.  I always enjoy those quiet times.

As the summer rushes past, there are several bloggy events going on right now.  One of them is Hello Sunshine hosted by Gosia.  Following the color guidelines, I used mostly shades of orange, but also have the pink, yellow and aqua bits in it as well.  I am calling this Hot Summer Days.  This little 20" mini was one of the patterns from Corey Yoder's Sweetness - this month's Minis and More quilt choices hosted by Sherri ans Michele.



As well as using lots of orange scraps, I also used a natural linen for the background.  Is there anything that says summer like linen - wrinkles and all!!!

Be sure to check out the Hello Sunshine summer quilting and join in on the fun.


On the Minion front......I have completed three more minion beanies that were requested.  These are the one eyed version.


This week was loaded with birthdays in our family.  A little summer sundress seemed like a great gift.  Don't you love gingham for little girls?


The little buttons were picked up on our recent trip to the UK.  I thought they were so cute.  Sewing them on brought back such fond memories of my visit with my friend to her quilt shop.


I’ll be sharing this for this week’s #Creative Goodness.

Of course the week also brought some fun times with the grandchildren.  We had a great "first attempt at sewing" day.  This little one loved it and spent about three hours just intensely working on her stitching.  I think she has great potential.


Just a fun little picture of the two youngest grandchildren enjoying each more than the other at this stage!!!


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summertime Fun

One of the things we do each summer is take a family fishing trip to the Sierras.  It’s always such a great time for the kids as well as the adults.  This was our group this year after a fun day of fishing.

June Lake 2

The scenery is spectacular and would be worth it even if we caught no fish.  Here are a few more photos from our time away.

June Lake 2015 012

June Lake 2015 002


June Lake 2015 007

June Lake 2015 017

June Lake 2015 039

Oldest and youngest granddaughter.

We missed the wild weather that we had while we were gone.  ;-(  We so seldom get lightening, thunder and rain so it was a shame that it happened while we were away.  However, we will take it whenever we can get it.  Following the storm we have had really humid weather – another rarity for us.  They say these are all good signs for an El Nino year for us this winter.  We shall see and keep hoping. 

We also spent a bit of time at the beach this week with some of the little ones.
Ollie, beach


I got three more Minion beanies done in the car while traveling and a bit of sewing done today, but I will share that in my next post.

I wish summer could last a little longer.  How about you?