Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Having Fun With Peanuts

I’m still having too much fun with the Charlie Brown characters.  The little ones here are choosing the order that these are being made.  The patterns are designed by Alida at Tweety Loves Quilting for a QAL hosted by Beaquilter.  Alida quickly came up with a pattern for Pigpen when I asked her about one.  Amazing!  The children were so excited about seeing him come to life.


The QAL calls for one character a month, but I have a serious addiction to these little guys.  My paper piecing skills have been challenged.  I consider myself a novice, having only done pieces that involve no more than two sections.  My latest ones include one with 18 sections!!!! 

These are the newest members of the team.

Charlie Brown
Snoopy and Woodstock
Aren’t you tempted to join in on the fun?

Recently we all enjoyed the Bloggers Quilt Festival with all of the spectacular quilts that were shared.  The winner of the Viewer’s Choice award went to Gosia of Quilts My Way for her Light of Stars.  I have followed her work for awhile and have admired what she creates.  She had a giveaway on her blog for her pattern of her winning quilt and I was one of the lucky recipients of it.  I was thrilled.  This is a photo taken from Gosia’s site.  Aren’t the colors stunning?  I hope I can do it justice in my attempt at making it.

We spent the weekend in snow with several of our children and their families.  There wasn't much snow for playing, but we had a great time anyway.  We need a good blizzard like they are now getting in the Northeast!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

AYOS - January

As many of you know, I love the Schnibble projects and Sherri and Sinta have done such a nice job of selecting patterns each month for us over the last few years. 

January’s small quilt was a kaleidoscope pattern by My Rainboots are Red.  This was a great pattern.  To my blocks I added a small white border and it finished off at about 19” square – perfect for a wallhanging or a table topper.



Saturday, January 17, 2015

Paper Piecing and More

There seems to be a resurgence of paper piecing….or is it that I am just being called in that direction lately.
I always love seeing all of the wonderful BOMs that show up each January.  Try as I might to deny that I would love to do each one, there are so many tempting ones this year.  I have jumped on the bandwagon for a couple of them. 

The first one that captured my heart was the Charlie Brown BOM.  Although the patterns are already published (for FREE) at http://tweloquilting.blogspot.com, the goal is to do one a month.  This is a QAL that can be found at Bea’s blog.  January we were to make Franklin. 


He was so much fun that I went ahead and added Peppermint Patty to my now growing gang.


The grandkids are loving seeing these come to life and are choosing the order of appearance.  Next up is Charlie Brown.  I am hoping for a Pigpen character as that is the one they all love. 

While I am not crazy about ripping off all of the papers involved in paper piecing, I couldn’t help but start another project using the technique.  This a a Judy Niemeyer placemat pattern.  I LOVE the precision of the points with paper piecing.  I just need to quilt these up and bind them.


I guess it is close enough to Christmas for the Christmas cactus to finally bloom.  Maybe it should be called a New Year’s cactus.  This was from a HUGE plant of my grandmothers.  When they get too big and woody I break off a piece and start a new one - or two - or......


I’ve have had some productive yard work this past week by finally finishing the pruning of the over 100 rose bushes.  It is always such a great feeling to wrap up that job!  Hopefully, the rains we have enjoyed will make for a great display in a few months. 

If you are interested in a really fun blog hop coming up in March, check out www.sewwequilt.com for information.  If you love birds this is a great one to join and sign ups fill up quickly.  Lana is our cheerleader (organizer) of the Tree Bird hop.  If you have never participated in one you should give it a try.  They are so much fun and they have great sponsors.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tammy 4 All Seasons


Welcome to my day of of the Tammy For All Seasons Blog Hop.  I have so admired all of the wonderful Tammy Bags that I have seen being made in Blogland so I was thrilled to become a part of this hop.  There were tough choices to be made first.  Which season did I want to do?  If you have seen the great designs by Brooke Nolan of Brookes Books Publishing you would know what I mean.  Then there were the great seasonal Pinny patterns by Cori Blunt of Chitter Chatter Designs.   Of course, I could always do one of each!

In the end I selected the winter design.  I think the vintage "drama" of it pulled me.  In my mind, I can imagine a grand New Year's Eve party in an elegant ballroom with the long black dress, angora wrap, long gloves, champagne and roses.  

First to stitch the design.....  I loved the beautiful metallic threads this chart called for as accents.  White evenweave was not going to work with the white stole, gloves and snowflakes, but white is what I had.   Could it be dyed?  I wondered.  

First sample was a bit too dark.  Therefore, I tried to dilute the dye a bit more.  My eyes are much too old to stitch on those dark fabrics anymore!

Tammy Bag 019
Ahhhh....this is more to my liking.  Now for some relaxing stitching and sewing to create my very own Tammy Bag.
Tammy Bag 020

The frame was suppose to be black, but when I opened the package it was only 5" and was not going to work.  The replacement has not arrived yet.  Silver it is until the new one arrives.

Tammy Bag 013
I know that the Pinny I made is not the "winter" design, but I was thinking it could be a red cardinal.  No???  Don't you love the box pleats?  It reminded me of the skirts we used to make during summer vacation before school started again.  We wore uniforms to school, but were allowed to wear "free dress" skirts for the first week of school.

Tammy Bag 010
  Tammy Bag 007
But......could I stop there????  Of course not!  Autumn was calling my name next.  This one I stitched up on some DMC Monaco.   Using the q-snap frame on this design kept my piece from the nasty imprint of the circles that one tends to get with the circular frames.
Tammy Bag 015

With this cute little Pinny I sewed a strong magnet inside from an old name tag and it holds my scissors so well.  I loved how the coffee mug design coordinated with the coffee pot in the cross stitch pattern.
Tammy Bag 017Tammy Bag 018
I must add that the first frame that I got was only 5”.  I knew after making my Tammy Bag that there was no way that was going to work.  Rather than waste the frame, I reduced the pattern size to 83% and made a smaller version with some machine embroidery in place of the cross stitch.



Thanks so much to Madam Samm for the charming Tammy Bag pattern and the sweet pattern minder magnet  and to Mary of I Piece 2-Mary for being our fearless leader for this hop.  As well, we had many wonderful sponsors for this hop and they helped to make it so successful.  Thank you all, including DMC, Yarn Tree, Readers, H.A. Kidd, Snap Source and Beam and Read.   

Please be sure to check out the other Tammy Bag creators today and for the remainder of the hop.  I know you will not be disappointed.

I'm thinking summer would be a great design for the next bag..................which one would you choose?

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January 16, 2015
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Shining Away 2014

I’m sneaking in one last finish for 2014.  Sinta and Sherri have hosted Another Year of Schnibbles over the last few years and I have really enjoyed working on the smaller quilts.  Although this isn’t actually a Schnibble it is a small and quick mini quilt for December’s choice.  The pattern is Shine by Sherri McConnell.  I used aqua, blue and green batik fabrics from my stash and am quite pleased with the end result.  Be sure to check out both blogs tomorrow for the monthly Parade of Schnibbles.  

002 I
I added the little corner pieces to the back so that it can be hung.


I’m wishing everyone a wonderful new year filled with health, happiness and creativity. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Slow and Easy Sunday

The beds need changing, the bathrooms need scrubbing and the laundry needs to be done, but today is going to be a day to rest.  After all….it is Sunday. 

Christmas was wonderful and exciting around here and now is the time to sit back, enjoy the Christmas music and be thrilled by the peace in this Christmas season. 

Our gang all gathered on Christmas Eve.  Things are always unpredictable with a large family and we ended up with one little grandson in the E.R. with an asthma attack.   He was released Christmas morning and able to celebrate at home with his family.  This was taken before he got so ill.
Christmas 2014 008
The best gift of all was this great gathering the children did for us of the grandchildren.  Updated photos of the kids are the only thing that I ever want and this is perfect.

Christmas 2014 025

So…..today I have been relaxing with a little hand stitching.  I really enjoy the counted cross stitch and hope to do more of it in 2015.  Having the right tools for the job always makes such a difference.  In the past I have used a circular hoop for my stitching and have recently been introduced to a different framing device – a Q Snap frame.  It holds the fabric so much tighter than my old system and doesn’t leave a “ring” marking. 

Christmas 2014 022

I am stitching on DMC Laguna 28 and love the way the design is stitching out.   I am finding that the eyes are not what they used to be and I think I need to invest in a magnifying glass that will attach to my nifty little light.   Another new to me little device is this great magnet to mark my spot.  Madam Samm makes them and they are great also for holding your needle and scissors when not in use as the magnet is incredibly strong. 

Christmas 2014 019

The finished project is going to be part of the Tammy Bag blog hop in January so you will have to stick around to see what becomes of my slow stitching.
I’ll close here and get back to stitching after I share two pictures from our Christmas celebration.  The first is of the youngest grandbaby and my mom together.

Christmas 2014 011

The older kids exchange gifts with each other and I had to chuckle with this outfit that was gifted.  Since it is also his school colors we were all daring him to try wearing it to school.

Christmas 2014 018

  Goodbye 2014.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas

I have been so negligent of this blog lately, but I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas.  We will have family arriving tomorrow and my computer will be quiet for awhile as we celebrate with our family and friends.

In an effort to catch up a wee bit, I have had some exciting mail arriving in my mailbox.  First off was this delightful postcard from Linda.  We participated in the postcard swap that Sheila sponsored.  Her quilting on it is just wonderful and my little ones here love it.

Dec. 23, 2014 033

I also had a couple of really nice wins lately.  The first was from Carol of Just Let Me Quilt.  Look at these beautiful fabrics, folded in a Christmas star pattern – so clever.  Included in the package was a fabulous antique spool.  These have always fascinated me and I have a very small collection of them.  Needless to say, I was thrilled.


Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe has had a daily giveaway for Christmas and I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the winners.  She has such gorgeous hand dyed fabrics, floss and supplies for stitching.  Look at these stunning colors of floss. 

Dec. 23, 2014 002

Last weekend DH and I took off to the beach for a couple of days before the busy week.  We enjoyed sitting on the beach watching the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets as we admired God’s color palette.  It was such a nice break from all of the busyness to relax and contemplate the real meaning of the season.

Dec. 23, 2014 012

Dec. 23, 2014 024

Dec. 23, 2014 031

In closing, I wish everyone a safe and blessed Christmas.  It will be 2015 before we know it.